4 Critical 2014 Executive
Job Search Facts:

1. 16% of Men in Prime Working Age Don't Have Jobs!

2. There are multiple highly-qualified candidates for each job you target.

3. More than 50% of all executive positions are not listed anywhere.

4. We placed > 97% of our high-tier executive clients in 2013.

Outplacement Success
Measured in Results!

All outplacement firms are not the same. The difference is a firm's success rate in actually placing clients. Last year, we helped our executive clients move to the next level and chapter in their careers with documented results.

SCC-Stamford Wins Award!

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State-of-the-art in every state

As a retained search recruiting firm, we work with corporate clients in all industries across the United States. We are also a major contributor in Top Echelon, a consortium of high end recruiting firms in the US. This allows us to tap into a nation-wide job database on behalf of executive and corporate clients.
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Why you ?

Why should companies want to talk to you vs. 100 others with equally-strong resumes? The risk of ‘going it alone’ is far higher than in the past. Contact us today for an in-depth, no-obligation consultation on the prospects for your success in today's highly competitive job market.






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