4 Critical Executive Job Search Facts:

1. 16% of Men of Prime Working Age Don't Have Jobs!

2. There are multiple highly-qualified candidates for each job you target.

3. More than 50% of all executive positions are not listed anywhere.

4. We placed more than 97% of our high-tier executive clients last year.

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Success Is Measured by Results!

All outplacement firms are not the same!

The difference is a firm's success rate in actually placing clients. In an economy marked by fewer openings and dramatically more candidates, the old Outplacement Model is not good enough. Last year, we helped our executive clients move to the next level and chapter in their careers with industry-leading,  documented results.

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Recruiting's radical changes since 2008

Do you understand the role of recruiting in your search campaign in the "New Normal?"

As a retained search recruiting firm, we work with corporate clients in all industries across the United States. We are also a major player in Top Echelon, a consortium of high-end recruiting firms in the US. This allows us to tap into a nation-wide job database on behalf of executive and corporate clients. 

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08/5/15 Kirkus Reviews "Conquer Your Yips
Kirkus reviews, an American book review magazine has reviewed Chuck McConnell's new book "Conquer Your Yips - Win the Employment You Target" here.

07/22/15 "
Conquer Your Yips" PR Announcement
Chuck McConnell relates job search to golf, offering readers more than 20 years of experience in placing senior executives. More...

04/27/15 "Conquer Your Yips" Now Available

Chuck McConnell's new book "Conquer Your Yips - Win the Employment You Target" is now available from Archway, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

12/15/14 Chuck McConnell Announces New Book
Chuck McConnell announced today the pending publication of his new book "Conquer Your Yips" - a must-read for any senior executive who wants to maneuver successfully through the sand traps of the post-2008 job market and score the right next career move.


Why should companies want to talk to you vs. 100 other equally-strong candidates? The risk of ‘going it alone’ is far higher than in the past. Contact us today for an in-depth, no-obligation consultation on the prospects for your success in today's highly competitive job market.


 A must-read for those who are serious about managing their career.  

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